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WRMI Staff

WRMI transmits 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Most of the staff consists of transmitter operators who work on a rotating schedule to cover the 24-hour broadcast day.  Many of these operators have special skills such as antenna rigging, fabrication of parts in our machine shop, and transmitter and information technology specialists.  A general manager, office manager and studio engineer round out the list of personnel.
Jeff White - General Manager
Thais White - Office Manager, Travel Department Manager
Pat Travers  - Facility Manager, Chief Fabricator and Antenna Specialist
Don Frish - Transmitter Specialist
Bob Biermann - Transmitter and Studio Engineer
Javier Garcia - Studio Engineer and Transmitter Operator
Scott Marcy - Transmitter Operator
Denny Williams - IT Specialist and Transmitter Operator

Michael Mendez - Program Producer and Studio Engineer

Dan Elyea - Engineering and Frequency Consultant (former Manager, WYFR)